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Built on a foundation that represents living & performing to you potential throughout developing your talents & purpose, our team holds these values to be true and continuously implements them throughout our work.

Through our services of education & entertainment; promotion & development; and production & broadcast- we hold a focus upon our values to inspire & provide through our content.

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Founder & Creative director

Alexander the great

'Alexander R. Denning'

Born & raised in Central California, Alexander the Great, (born- Alexander Robert Denning), has remained within the media spotlight since his pursuits as a youth skateboarder in his hometown of Hanford, CA. Following a promising career in the sport, ATG soon began to attract the attention of various companies for sponsorship, and stuck within the limelight of radio, television, newspaper, & magazine publications. He traveled the U.S. and competing nationally up until the age of 17.

A few poor choices were later made that would inevitably lead ATG to becoming a convicted felon and being handed down a 98 month prison sentence. It wouldn't be more than a year and a half after being released from prison that he found himself  rising quickly within the fashion & film industry; as well as a community advocate and supporter of nonprofit, community supportive organizations.

With a deep rooted desire in becoming a leading voice of change within his community through something bigger than himself, ATG has pushed through numerous barriers in order to enhance and improve the awareness of communal problems. Today, He, and his brand continue to reach further through their message of hope, health, & inspiration to live up to your fullest potential through his daily practices.

ATG’s current projects include his forthcoming book; a memoir titled, ‘Another 2nd Chance,’ (pictured below) that surrounds his ups & downs from skateboarding, incarceration, & his reentry into society. He is also working on a feature film based on his life story with Martinez Digital Media (@martinezdigitalmedia) of Minneapolis, MN.

Stay tuned across the website & social media pages for news and release date on these and upcoming projects!

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Photo Credit: @ryanloups


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