Updated: Apr 14, 2020

We are so excited to officially launch, & present all that the ATG team has had in store to offer to our devoted audience! We are currently working to launch the entirety of our features across the blog, so please be patience with us as we do.

Who is Alexander the Great TV?

Alexander the Great TV is a creative agency formed in 2017, with a focus upon fashion, arts, music, inspiration, lifestyle, & you as an audience in mind when creating content-events-etc. We are a team of individuals brought together through our talents & experience within the various industries we are associated with.

What You Can Expect of the Blog?

Within this community of readers, writers, & enthusiasts...the ATG Blog's purpose is to allow a dialogue to be sparked concerning various topics that surround our F.A.M.I.L.Y. focus-

The goal in that is to bring an awareness, educate, inspire, & help nurture individuals in to living to their potential or understanding through discussion, as well as promote, develop, & assists others throughout discussion.

I will be posting a variety of content that will all be centered around the events ATG is associated with from creative content, collaborations, paid partnerships, & promotions.

How to Keep Up with Us?

We are constantly on the move with different events, work, and projects that we are involved with...BUT, you can always find us at the links below. Be sure to Connect through the ATG newsletter and stay up to date with all the great things going on around here!





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